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Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Lawyer Dr. Donat Ebert!

Originally I am German and German lawyer, but for many years I have been admitted also to the Budapest Bar to proceed as a Hungarian lawyer. 

With my background I am not only able to understand you in your language, but also know and understand your mentality and difficulties that you have in a country where you probably do not speak the language – or not on a sufficient level.

I am specialised in cross-border legal issues and know exactly where your problems can come from and how to avoid or solve them. 

Having specialized in two fields of law only – Criminal Law and Law of Inheritance – I am able to offer competent advice  in these two areas.

Confidentiality and commitment to your case is guaranteed. 

If you have any issue in Hungarian Criminal Law or Hungarian Law of Inheritance you can contact us. But also if you have a query in other fields of Hungarian Law, you can approach us. We have a vast network of trustworthy and competent Hungarian lawyers we would refer you to, in case our own competence in that certain field is not sufficient. 

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We are happy to help you!

Dr. Donat Ebert Hungarian Lawyer

Dr. Donat Ebert
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