260 billion € will be inherited in Germany in 2017

260 billion € will be inherited in Germany in 2017

The German magazine „Der Spiegel“ recently published an article about the wealth that goes from generation to generation in Germany this year. Statistics calculate that  260 billion € will be inherited in Germany in 2017. An incredible amount of money. The article says it would be enough to finance all kindergartens, school and universities in Germany.

But no matter how impressive the number seems, inheriting is not only about money. It is about losing a person. Forever. The person might be a loved one, maybe hated, but always a human being. Leaving a hole, meaning a loss. 

And more often than not the inheritance case offers a lot of difficulties, emotional, psychological and legal.

And very often even over the open grave do the heirs  – would-be, potential or real – start fighting over the inheritance. Old wounds are opened, new ones are inflicted.

The articles by Der Spiegel does not even touch upon the difficulties heirs have in cross-border inheritance cases. This seems to be a field with little expertise, though it offers a lot of challenges – problems that are very special and usually go beyond what purely „national“ experts dispose of. And here we do not speak about language problems only. 

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Dr. Donat Ebert
Rechtsanwalt/Lawyer (HU, D)



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