Italian inheritance law

Italian inheritance law

Italy is one of the most attractive countries in Europe for a large variety of reasons – you name it.

And many a foreigner buys realty there – for summer holiday, for his/her old days or to live and work there.

But what happens if this very person dies and leaves his/her estate behind, maybe totally unsettled – the case of intestacy – or settled in a last will which offers more questions and problems than answers.

And then the heirs are faced with the challenge of solving issues in a country they only know from holidays and where they do not speak the language and naturally are not familiar with the law.

In this constellation we can help. It is true that I myself am only German and Hungarian lawyer, not Italian. But I do have a cooperation with an Italian law-office which puts me in the position to handle your case from wherever you are, you do not have to travel, you do not have to speak any language only English (or German, if you wish – or Hungarian) and you know your case in good, trustworthy, reliable hands.

If you have an inheritance case in Italy, you can pick up contact with us here

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