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Hungarian Probate Procedure – how long does it take?

It is not easy to give a clear answer here, since the length of the procedure depends on a lot of factors. For example how many parties are involved, do the parties live in Hungary or abroad, are they represented by a Hungarian lawyer if living abroad, does foreign law have to be applied and so on and so forth.

But of course I want to give you an idea: I now initiated a probate procedure of a non-Hungarian with non-Hungarian citizens, non-Hungarian residents, but Hungarian law to be applied. We will probably have the hearing with the notary in May – at least that is what the notary told me. That would be quite quick. 

What is very helpful usually is to have the parties involved represented by competent lawyers. That not only helps speed up the formalities, but it also helps prepare the overview over the estate that the notary has to do before the oral hearing. 

And obviously it is helpful, if the estate can be distributed during the first hearing without any dispute or conflict. This also takes good preparation, but it is worth it to save time and money for the client. 

If you have any queries concerning a Hungarian probate procedure, do not hesitate to contact us here

Dr. Donat Ebert
RechtsanwaltLawyer (HU, D)


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