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Hungarian Inheritance Law – the compulsory share

Hungarian Inheritance Law – the compulsory share is a third of what would have been yours in case there had been no testamentary disposition. 

Many law-systems in Europe, particularly on the European continent know the system of compulsory share. The idea reaches back to Roman Law and wants to leave the closest relatives of the testator not without a „fair share“ of what s/he left behind. 

So if the testator left behind a testament with a disposition that those close relatives would get less than what the law gives them in case there was no testament, Hungarian law still gives them a „share“. Which is 33,33 %. A third. Again: of what would have been theirs, had there been no testament. 

To give an example: The testator leave behind a widow and two children. In his/her testament s/he rules that husband/wife should get everything, the children nothing. Had there been no testament, the spouse and the children would have got a third each of the estate. Since there is a testament ruling different, the children get „only“ the compulsory share, a third. So their share is a third of a third, which is a ninth. 

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