Stamp in Hungary

Stamp in Hungary

Today was one of these days: in a criminal procedure we had a hearing whether the client has to stay in detention on remand. We could present an official document from Germany that should have convinced the court to release the client. But, no, the document did not carry a stamp on it. No matter how original the paper was, the stamp was missing. So obviously it was not official. It did not help to argue that in Germany we do not have such a refined cult around stamps. The client had to stay in prison. Among others because of the missing stamp.

So if in Hungary you have to present an official stamp from another country, you should take care that the issuing office puts a stamp on it. Otherwise there is a high danger – or rather likelihood – that the Hungarian authorities will not accept it. No joking.

I am tempted to put my own stamp on it and have prepared for that: 


But this was a joke. Do not do that. Otherwise you might get arrested for falsification of documents. 

So, accept it the way it is in Hungary. Make sure the official at home puts a stamp on the document. 

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Dr. Donat Ebert Rechtsanwalt Lawyer in D and HU

Dr. Donat Ebert
Lawyer in D and HU


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