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Hungarian Criminal Procedure

If you are subject to a Hungarian criminal procedure, there is one mistake you must avoid: Not taking it seriously!

Follow summons by Hungarian Courts or other Authorities!

This also includes summons by the Hungarian police. You are obliged to appear before the Hungarian police if they summon you, particularly as a suspect. If you do not, Hungarian authorities are quick to issue a European Arrest Warrant. Which will be executed in all EU-countries that are party to the respective Frame Decision. Which means the national police of the EU country where you are found will arrest you. No matter how absurd the Arrest Warrant may seem. The national authorities have practically no right to question its legality! And that means you will be in custody for a time of minimum around thirty days – before you are handed over to the Hungarian police. 

Of course you have the right to be represented by a Hungarian lawyer in any phase of a Hungarian criminal procedure against you. But it is of highest importance that you can communicate properly with your lawyer. You should not be satisfied with someone whom you can communicate „okay“ with. Every word, every nuance can count. 

If you have an issue with a Hungarian Criminal Procedure, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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