Arrested in Germany and no information?

Arrested in Germany and no information?

A family member has been arrested in Germany and you do not get any information for a long time?

It happens very often that people turn to our office, because members of their family – sons, husbands, fiances, brothers, or any other kind of relative – were arrested in Germany and ever since they do not get any information. In such case the relatives are very worried, particularly because they know nothing: Whether their loved one is healthy or sick or injured, what to wait from the criminal procedure, what is the crime they are charged with, when will they come back home, what might be the punishment etc.

What you have to know is that every foreigner arrested in Germany has the right to make a phone-call to a relative or someone close to inform that person about the arrest. Who could have been this person? Who could know more than you do? Please try to find out.

Have you tried the consulate of your country? Everyone can also contact the consulate about his arrest – but very often people do not make use of this. But nonetheless you should contact the consulate of your country – you find them at the embassy of your country in Germany. Speak to them, for them such things are daily routine. Maybe they can help or they do have information

You should also know that everyone arrested in Germany will have to have a lawyer – either a freely chosen one or a lawyer assigned to them by the authorities.

So if your relative is in detention in Germany, he has a lawyer already. It is important to get the name of this colleague and where his/her office is.

We can then make contact to the colleague and soon you will get more information. Unless the arrested person does not want that the lawyer gives any information to anyone. Then the colleague is bound by his obligation to confidentiality.

But then they are still ways to get information – legal ones, of course.

If you have such problem, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Dr. Donat Ebert

Ügyvéd - Rechtsanwalt (HU, D)

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